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  Title: Virtual Professionals Working Worldwide

Author: Janice Kalyniuk

Virtual Professionals Working Worldwide By Janice Kalyniuk, VP
Co-founder EVPA.net

What is a Virtual Professional you may be asking?

A Virtual Professional (VP) is a suitably qualified professional
who works from the comfort of his or her own home office, but
services clients business needs worldwide. Many VPs never meet
their clients, but deliver clients services by either email,
fax, snail mail, courier or by whatever method suits the
delivery mode.

What professionals are coming under the Virtual Professional

Many and varied professionals are now taking on the VP status,
and to name a few, they are: Accountants, Administration
Professionals, Authors, Clerical Professionals, Coaches,
Consultants, Crafters, Database Administration and Services,
Designer, Developers, Engineers, Event Planners, Graphic
Designers, Health Consultants and Services, Legal Practitioners,
Medical Practitioners, PR Consulting, Proofreading and Editing,
Software Specialists, Web Designers, Internet Researchers,
Non-profit Administration Support, Traditional and e-Commerce
Marketing Consultants, Writers and many other 'in demand'

What are the benefits of working with a VP?

VPs reduce the cost of overheads for small business as there is
no need for employee insurance, benefits, superannuation,
workers compensation, taxation, sick leave, holiday leave or any
other cost which is incurred with employing staff full-time or
part-time. With engaging the services of a VP, you only pay for
the time it takes to complete a task or specified assignment.

A Virtual Professional can offer businesses, corporations or
individuals a very affordable alternative to the standard onsite
employee, consultant of onsite service provider. Virtual
Professionals generally have their own equipment which includes
their own computer, Internet connection, fax, dedicated
telephone lines, printers, and software and hardware to
undertake their clients assignment.

Many businesses worldwide know the advantages and benefits of
engaging the services of a Virtual Professional to become part
of their business operations. In fact it is similar to having a
consultant working for them but at quite a considerable saving.
It also allows businesses to concentrate on running a profitable
business without the stress of employing specialized staff for
short periods.

Virtual Professionals are normally hired through their online
websites, advertising or by word of mouth referrals. In most
cases, a Virtual Professional will advertise their services on
their websites detailing what they are able to offer you as the
potential client.

Many Virtual Professionals are listed under specific services
they offer in Search Engine listings, or you may locate them on
Association Membership Directories.

It is also important to ask a VP about their qualifications,
experience or resume` to ascertain that they indeed fit your
business needs.

Hiring a VP could be the best investment a business could make,
not just $ wise, but in cementing excellent client/customer
working relationships and profitable results.

About the author:
Janice Kalyniuk, VP (
www.janicekalyniuk.com), is a Virtual
Professional, Web Designer, Writer, and Co-founder of Executive
Virtual Professionals Association. Visit


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