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Are you interested in starting your own Virtual Assistant/Word Processing Business? 

At this time we are no longer offering the Word Processing Business class thru Universal Class however, we are in the process of revamping the class and the class started this week.  This is an e-Class.  It is a completely online self-paced course.  The course is taught year-round.  The price is $29.95

Find out: Why do I charge for this information?

If you'd like to sign up (and pay) for the class now (space will be limited) you can do so here.  Payments are currently being accepted by PayPal.

If you are not signing up now but would wish to be notified when the class is starting again, email us and we will let you know when the class starts!  Be advised, however, that the first seats will be given to students who have already signed up.

Course Outline

Is A Home-Based Word Processing Business Right For Me?
In this lesson, we will review basic requirements for starting a home-based business. Do you have what it takes? Assess your skills to determine if you meet the minimum requirements needed to be successful in the business support industry.

Lesson 2: Getting Started
This lesson will include some fundamentals needed to begin your business. We will cover what you should include in your business plan, the different types of organizational structures, selecting a name for YOUR business, and estimated start-up costs.

Lesson 3: Putting Your Name in The Marketplace
This lesson will give you information on what materials you need and some basic marketing strategies. Learn about slogans, business cards, brochures, advertising, newsletters, and flyers.

Lesson 4: Operating Your Business
This lesson will focus on the day-to-day operations of your business. We will cover calculating pricing rates, how to determine what YOU should charge, booking appointments, keeping existing clients, client files, SAMPLE FORMS, and tax guidelines.

Lesson 4A: Pricing a Job
After you have established your hourly rate, you may still be stumped when it comes to giving a client an estimate especially if someone asks you on-the-spot. Learn how to give an accurate quote to a potential client.

Lesson 4B: Cutting Costs When You Are Starting Out
Staring anything new can quickly use up a lot of time and money. In the beginning, you’ll probably be looking for ways to cut some costs while maintaining a professional image.

Lesson 5: Bookkeeping Basics
This lesson will touch on record keeping, invoicing, collections, and taxes.

Lesson 6: Professional Organizations and Resources
This lesson will briefly list various organizations and resources available to the operator/owner of a home-based word processing business.

Extra Lesson-Portfolios
What will you do when the client calls for an appointment? What will you do?

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