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"I am enjoying your class very much and also picking up quite a bit of useful information." 

"I got a lot of information from this class, and I know that it will prove to be very useful; I feel much more prepared now to begin my new adventure!  :)"
Again, thank you so much.


Are you interested in starting your own Virtual Assistant/Word Processing Business? 

There are many people who think they want to start a home-based business.  Specifically a home-based word processing business.  However, "wanting" to start a home-based business and "actually" having the determination to do so, is two totally different things.

It has taken me years to learn the information that is provided in this course.  There is no way that I can provide the information to everyone.  The best way to find the people who are truly interested in starting their own business is by charging for the information.

Students of this class are able to learn from the knowledge and experience that I have gained in this business.

I look forward to "seeing" you in class!

If you'd like to sign up (and pay) for the class now (space will be limited) you can do so here.  Payments are currently being accepted by PayPal.

If you are not signing up now but would wish to be notified when the class is starting again, email us and we will let you know when the class starts!  Be advised, however, that the first seats will be given to students who have already signed up.


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